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1. On The Edge
2. The Pilbara Cobra
3. After The Flood
4. Green Blood
5. The Magic Man
6. Tree Crocodile
7. Devil In The Trees
8. Snake Invasion
9. Sea Serpents
10. Feast Of The Snakes
11. Flying Dragon
12. Flesh Eaters
13. Return Of The Reptiles
Following the success of Series One, Mark O’Shea was asked to respond to a fresh set of quests at the other end of the world. But as well as pursuing the likes of the broad-headed snake, the rough-scaled python, and green blooded skinks, Mark had to face a new challenge. Presenting directly to camera rather than being filmed talking to the director behind the camera, the more conventional documentary style.
Luckily for the programme makers Mark took to this new approach like a duck to water, or perhaps a duck-billed platypus to water, bearing in mind his first destination was Australia. His journeys continued to New Caledonia, Indonesia, and the Northern Mariana Islands, as well as an emotional return to his old herping haunts, with three films in Papua New Guinea, the Land of the Unexpected.
Finding New Guinea’s ninth species of python was probably Mark’s personal highlight of this series. His “lowpoints”? Take a pick from dangling off a 250 foot cliff on a slippery rope in Guam, a boat journey from Hell in the Philippines, getting bitten by a pitviper in Indonesia and running out of the air on the bottom of the Timor Sea whilst looking for highly venomous seasnakes…