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The NEW Official Mark O'Shea

Herpetological Mark O’Shea and Expedition TV Series
is now live

This Mark O’Shea official website that picks you up from the previous place,
with O’Shea’s Big Adventure Series 4 and
all Mark’s expedition tv series since 2005,
plus a great deal more.

Note: from now on Mark O’Shea official website will be the priority location for
further information and blogs from the field.

Check out the two new sets of herp stamps there.

Click on the link above to go explore our website
but don’t get lost, its a jungle in there

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Series 1

The concept for this new wildlife expedition tv show was bold. Mark O’Shea, a famous herpetologist with extensive field experience, sets out to follow a series of quests – including finding the secretive, highly venomous and extremely endangered Atlantic coastal bushmaster, the threatened American crocodile, and the alligator snapping turtle, the largest freshwater turtle in the Americas.

Series 2

Expedition tv show is the main-stay of Mark O’Shea official website. In total Mark has been fortunate enough to have participated in over 60 expeditions and film trips, to almost 40 countries, on six continents, since the early 1980s.

Series 3

After two expedition tv series comprising twenty six half hour programmes taking Mark O’Shea as far afield as The Pilbara, Patagonia, and Papua New Guinea, our famous herpetologist Big Adventure’s was about to get a little bit bigger. Twice as big in fact, as Mark was invited to embark on a series of one hour O’Shea specials.
South and South East Asia was his hunting ground, and it was to be an area which stretched the programme making abilities of the O’Shea production team to their limits.

Mark O'Shea's Big Adventures


About the Famous Herpetologist - Mark O'Shea

From the films for my expedition tv series, you have seen you will probably have realized I am a keen photographer of reptile and amphibian subjects. Every time I go overseas I try to identify and photograph every single species of herp I find, including males and females, juveniles and adults, differing, naturally-occurring, color morphs and even the same species in different geographical locations. This obsession goes back years before I was making television films for reptile tv show when I was carrying out fieldwork in the tropics for the Royal Geographical Society, Operation Raleigh or Oxford University’s Dept. of Clinical Medicine. I now have over 1,500 taxa (species and subspecies) of reptiles and amphibians as transparencies and digital images, and the website has given me the opportunity to display some of them to a wider audience.

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Watch Mark in action on YouTube and ITV Central!

Now a series of special one hour expedition tv show is currently in production. Over the coming weeks the site will be added to with new photographs and information about these films…as well as updates on the existing pages.
In the meantime explore some of the earlier ground breaking programmes, and don’t forget to bookmark this site before you enter Mark O’Shea’s fascinating world of reptiles.

The Youtube video below also provides an insight into Mark O’Shea’s career as a famous herpetologist, and why he considers further education an invaluable asset in attaining personal goals. It is never too late to learn, and never too late to consider going back into education.

“Graduate to Great”, a promotional video filmed for the University of Wolverhampton, intended to encourage students and others to follow an academic career in science. Click on the link above to watch the video

“Sleeping Beauty”, the 3.0m female King Cobra at West Midland Safari Park underwent a life-saving operation to remove a osteochondrosarcoma from her back. Click on the link above to watch the video of the operation

Mark O'Shea's Property in Brisbane
Property Buying Agents in Brisbane
The view from his Property Buying Agents in Brisbane

During his expidition in Australlia, Mark O’Shea moved quite a lot throughout the continent. His work in University of Melbourne took 5 years of his professional life. During his stay, even though he was travelling all the time, he had to settle for a while so he found his permanent home in Brisbane. He made some of his most remarkable descoveries during that time.