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1. OX Killer
2.Into Panatolia
3. Back From The Brink
4. Lost Worlds
5 Swamp Dinosaur
6. Nemesis
7.Monsters Of The Modre
8.Silent Rattler
9. Jewel Of the jungle
10. Exotic Island
11. Amazon Amnaconda
12. Back To the Jungle
13.River Giant

The concept for this new wildlife series was bold. Mark O’Shea, a herpetologist with extensive field experience, sets out to follow a series of quests – including finding the secretive, highly venomous and extremely endangered Atlantic coastal bushmaster, the threatened American crocodile, and the alligator snapping turtle, the largest freshwater turtle in the Americas.
It wasn’t only the creatures that were risky. So was the concept…
If Mark failed to find the quest creatures, some of which were by their very nature extremely elusive, the directors would be left with a glaring hole in that film. And if Mark actually found the creatures, some very dangerous, and was seriously injured or killed, there would be a glaring hole in the rest of the series…
With a history of several earlier serious snake bites Mark is hypersensitive to certain antivenoms. The next bite could be his last. But he willingly risks his life, not only with venomous reptiles, but also climbing high trees, diving into turbulent waters, and scaling precarious cliffs in search of his quarry.
All the ingredients for a recipe for disaster, or for the creation of an exciting and invigorating series that could introduce a whole new style to wildlife film making…
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