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Nature Watch:

Mark O’Shea
Lorentz Books

UK and US hardback editions

Publisher’s synopsis: The “Nature Watch” series combines photographs and informative accessible information aimed at 8-13 year olds, school libraries and teachers, and is designed to supplement curriculum studies of processes in the animal world. With over 150 action shots and artworks of lizards in this title, children should be fascinated by these remarkable creatures. From temperature control to courtship and mating all aspects of a lizard’s life are covered. Special focus spreads on subjects such as the elusive Komodo Dragon and limb regeneration give the child a greater insight and allow them to explore further topics of interest.

Nature Fact File
Southwater Publishers
UK and US softback editions

Compilation Editions

Lizards was combined with other reptile titles
from the Nature Watch series,
written by Barbara Taylor,
and published by Lorentz Books, Southwater & Hermes House,
under various titles in UK and US

and with six other wildlife authors
in Fascinating Animal Facts