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Wildlife on the Brink of Extinction

George C.McGavin

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Chief Consultant and Contributing Authorities:
David Burnie; Andy Gosler; Mark O’Shea; Steve Parker, & Kim Dennis-Bryan

Contributing authors on “Endangered
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192 pages

Publisher’s synopsis: There have been at least five great extinctions in the history of the Earth where up to 95 per cent of all species have been wiped out in one event. The causes are attributed to massive volcanic eruptions, disastrous meteor strikes, and rapid climatic change. “Endangered” describes these events, but its main thesis is reserved for the potential sixth great extinction, attributable to mankind. Beautifully illustrated, “Endangered” looks at those species which have become extinct or which are so severely threatened that they soon will if we do not apply more international rational restraint upon the way we exploit our environment. However, this is more than a scare-mongering book designed to exploit guilt and anxiety, it is a celebration of the variety of nature and hopeful guide to a future world, safe for all species. Unimpeachable authorship, extraordinary photography and compelling yet objective text make this book essential to any Natural History reading list in the twenty-first century. “Endangered” is seeking endorsement from the world wildlife fund for nature.

Mark O’Shea contributed the following sections:
Tortoises; Freshwater Turtles; Sea Turtles;
Non-venomous Snakes; Venomous Snakes;
Lizards; Crocodiles & Alligators;
and the double spread on Amphibians