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Dorling Kindersley Handbook

Mark O’Shea & Tim Halliday

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WAS £12.99, NOW ONLY £9.99

256 pages
over 400 species accounts
over 600 full colour photographs

Publisher’s synopsis: A visual recognition guide to over 400 species of reptiles and amphibians from around the world, this reference is packed with over 600 photographs and maps with precise annotation to make identification sure and simple. Concise and jargon-free text pinpoints the key characteristics of each specimen and provides quick, accessible information. Each entry in the guide combines a precise description with fully annotated photographs to highlight the chief characteristics and distinguishing features of each spcies. A comprehensive introduction describes the anatomy, lifecycle and behaviour of the major groups of reptiles and amphibians, while the initial stages of identification are made straightforward by a clear visual key. Each entry is also accompanied by a map showing the geographical distribution of the species while the text and colour-coded bands give the internationally scientific name and provde at-a-glance information on size, diet, habitat, reproduction and population status. A concise glossary explains all technical and scientific terms used.

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